Tips for saving money on your London vacation

In spite of London being an expensive city in some respects, a vacation to London can actually be very inexpensive. Keep reading for some great tips on keeping the cost of your London vacation low.

Take advantage of the cost savings of a Travel Card or Oystercard when getting around on transit. This will cap your daily transportation costs, no matter how many times you ride the system. See our section on Fares for more information.

Enjoy the many free things there are to do in London. These would of course include visiting and exploring some of London's many parks, as well as the incredible architecture of the many historic buildings, palaces and cathedrals found throughout the city. Also there are so many world class museums and art galleries in London that have free admission. Major ones include:

You can also enjoy some of the neighbourhood walks featured in our site.

Dining in London can be expensive, and some of the restaurants near major attractions can be particularly so. For the best values on dining in London check out some of the restaurants in the Mayfair, Soho, Leicester Square and Covent Garden Districts. Check out those districts in our Dining section for some specific recommendations.

London has many hotels to choose from ranging from a simple, but comfortable rooms to large suites. With London's excellent transportation system you can stay in a less expensive hotel that is a little ways from the major attractions and still get to them easily. Try to find something within a short walk of a Tube station. See our picks for London hotels near the Tube to find the best hotel for your needs at a great rate.

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