Regent's Park and Primrose Hill

Exploring the many interesting sights and activities in Regent's Park and adjacent Primrose Hill can easily occupy an entire day

Enjoying the View of London from Primrose Hill
Enjoying the View of London from Primrose Hill cc licensed photo by o_ise

At 410 acres, Regent's Park is the largest single Royal Park in the area of Central London, making it somewhat larger than nearby Hyde Park. It is a popular refuge where locals love to come and trade the bustle of the city for the sights and sounds of nature.

There are many things to do in Regent's Park. Major attractions in the park include the world renowned London Zoo located at the northern end and the Open Air Theatre where outdoor plays are enjoyed throughout the summertime. Other features include a boating lake, tennis courts, children's playgrounds a bandstand, and numerous villas. In the southeast corner there is a formal Italian Garden and an informal English Garden.

The park has a 4.3 km road skirting the perimeter called the Outer Circle and another circular road forming a small circle inside the park called the Inner Circle. Inside this inner circle are the carefully manicured Queen Mary's Gardens. Other than these two roads and two roads linking them, the park is only accessible to pedestrians. Three sides of the park are lined with the stucco terraces of homes designed by renowned London architect John Nash during the early 1800s.

While visiting Regent's Park you may also want to stroll into adjoining Primrose Hill Park at the northern end. From this elevated vantage point you will enjoy some spectacular views across London and you can also see down into the London Zoo.

To make sure you don't go hungry while visiting the park, there are several good places to eat within. These include the Boathouse Cafe, the Garden Cafe, the Honest Sausage and the Cow and Coffee Bean and a couple of Refreshment Points.

The park opens at 5am daily and closes around 8pm.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Address: Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR, UK

Phone: 0300 061 2300

Official Website: The Regent's Park


Tube Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Northern LineCamden Town13 Minutes
Bakerloo LineRegents Park1 Minute
Circle, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Harmmersmith & City LinesBaker Street4 MInutes

How to get to The Regent's Park London by Tube

From Camden Town Station exit on the right-hand side and walk along Parkway, then right on Prince Albert Road until you reach the traffic-light controlled pedestrian crossing. Cross left here and walk over the Regent's Canal footbridge.

From Regent's Park Station exit and turn right. Cross Marylebone Road and turn left immediately into Park Square East.

From Baker Street Station exit to your right and walk to the end of Baker Street and Cross Park Road.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5The Regent's Park Star Rating

5 Star Rating As always a good walk to get your soul away from the noise and crowds. Watched the dog-walkers, bird-feeders, pram-pushers and leg-stretchers. Also enjoyed a good coffee in the round canteen. You'll find a loo there as well. Important notice.

Sandra van't Zand - 18 hours ago

4 Star Rating It is very regal and spacious in size. One sees many owners with their dogs and people running/walking through. Some are even sitting on the benches if the weather is agreeable. I think it will take about an hour to walk through the whole of Regent's park. I took a walk through this park when I visited London zoo. It was very chilly and cold, but the scenery was beautiful.

Jesus Christ - 7 days ago

5 Star Rating A good place to visit in the evening. You have boating facility which you can enjoy You can also enjoy scenic beauty,take some nature Snaps. The park is so cast you can do some good walk or a jog. At the exit near the lake or boating facility, you have Baker Street tube station, you can go home easily without worrying about or searching for public transport. Enjoy an evening here !!!

Mallikarjun GB - 1 month ago

4 Star Rating Very very pretty! Thankfully I went on a really sunny day, and the views were absolutely stunning. It's a breathtaking scenery. This park is great for if you want to go for a run, a walk or just sit with friends and have a catch up.

Namjin has V nice Suga Kookies for Jimin Jhopefully - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating We had a lovely walk around Regents park on Sunday. This is a very kid friendly park with paths nice and wide. Big enough for scooters at least. The playground was great although I am not a fan of sand it just gets everywhere! The kids had a great time scooting walking and picking up leaves around the park. By the end of the day the scooters they were on were very nicely camouflaged. There were some nice sculptures that the kids insisted on climbing on and we got some fantastic pictures to compliment the lovely day out. London Zoo is situated at the Northern end of the park, we did not go in but as we walked by the kids got a good glimpse of camels in the Zoo. We liked the lake in the park and as we did a circular walk we came back down through and towards Baker street for some lunch.

Stephen Siu - 1 month ago


Enjoy this video showcasing some of the spectacular color and scenery throughout Regent's Park

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