Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath provides a great place to escape the crowds and noise of the city and enjoy some fabulous scenery and views

Relaxing by One of the Heath's Many Ponds
Relaxing by One of the Heath's Many Ponds cc licensed photo by ChodHound

Hampstead Heath is an 800 acre wilderness park located along a ridge in the northern part of London. It provides Londoner's with a beautiful nearby wilderness escape and several amenities.

This large wilderness features a rambling network of walking paths through open grassy areas and woodlands. Ponds in the park are designated for various uses, a couple as swimming pools, one serves as a small fishing lake and another for model boating. Other amenities include a lido, a sports field and playgrounds. During the spring and summer months, many varieties of wildflowers carpet the grassy areas and surround some of the ponds. Birdwatchers will be able to observe a wide variety of waterfowl, songbirds and more.

Parliament Hill, which rises 322 feet above the city of London, is one of the highlights. A short hike up this gentle hill provides some excellent views of the London skyline.

Adjoining the Heath on the western border is Golders Hill Park. This grassy park features a formal flower garden, a water garden and a duck pond. It also has a small zoo. Unlike the Heath however the park is fenced and it is closed during the night.

Famous poet, John Keats and Landscape painter John Constable both found inspiration for their work from this beautiful area.

All in all, Hampstead Heath is an awesome place to enjoy a pleasant day away from the crowds of the city

Download a detailed City of London PDF map of the entire Hampstead Heath to print out at home from the links below.

PDF Download: Hampstead Heath Trail Map Size .54MB

Facts For Your Visit

Official Website: Hampstead Heath

Fee: No

Regular Hours:
May differ on holidays

  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours

Address: London, UK

Phone: 020 7332 3322

Official Website: Hampstead Heath


Rated 4.7 out of 5Hampstead Heath Star Rating

5 Star Rating Cycling from far South London and 32 miles later to do the hills of Hampstead Heath, and they have cycle friendly roads ! Very good and beautiful way to go back down south. Beautiful place with lakes and breathtaking views of London. Perfect for a morning ride.
Guillaume R. - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating We really enjoyed our visit to Hampstead Heath. We marched around quite a bit of it, up Parliament Hill, around several lagoons, dams and swimming areas, near a pergola with live musicians, and through the wooded areas. Views from Parliament Hill were great, you can see a huge swathe of the city. Was good to get up a hill and look around as London in general is quite flat. Beneath the trees was great. There are plenty of walking paths. If you go off the main walkways and navigate the stinging nettles on some of the less-travelled paths you can be alone for quite a while. We even stopped at a bench in a clear area and sat for a while and didn't see another person. Was great to get away from other people and the general noise of the city for a while. Place overall is huge, loads of things to look at and enjoy. We will definitely return for more and longer walks.
Rohan Davidson - 4 months ago

5 Star Rating One of my favourite parks in London. There are some many great spots to hang out, go walking and paint!
Alex Walters - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating It is one of the most beautiful parks in London. Although it is very busy and if you don't like dogs you might not enjoy it as much! This park is also known for the best outdoor swimming spots in London, including three natural bathing ponds and one 60m Lido. If you fun of this kind of activities if course. A wonderful place for picnics, walks etc...
Jo - 27 days ago

5 Star Rating Gorgeous park, so big I been here twice and didn't see it all. It is as good as the other royal parks in my opinion.
Cecca Travel - 3 months ago

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Tube Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Northern LineHampstead Station10 Minutes

How to get to Hampstead Heath by Tube

From Hampstead Station exit left onto Holly Hill then go left {north) on Flask Walk (stay right where Flask Walk splits) and then continue north on Well Walk to the path into Hampstead Heath. It is about 10 minutes to the edge of the Heath.

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Scenes from around Hampstead Heath on a beautiful spring morning
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