Camden Market

These vibrant markets located on Regent's Canal in Camden Town have become London's fourth busiest attraction

Colourful Stalls Inside Camden Market
Colourful Stalls Inside Camden Market cc licensed photo by Dave Catchpole

Camden Market actually consisits of a group of closely spaced markets on the north side of Regent's Canal in Camden Town. The markets include the Camden Lock Market, the Stables Market, Camden Canal Market and Camden (Buck Street) Market.

These vibrant and colourful markets collectively attract about 500,000 visitors every week making them the largest street market in the United Kingdom.

Starting out as a craft market in outdoor areas and existing buildings along the canal, the market attracted large numbers of visitors to it's Sunday opening. While still attracting huge crowds on Sundays, the markets are now open every day.

Today you will find tons of unique stuff in Camden Market — designer clothing, alternative and vintage clothing, original art, furnishings and accessories, antiques and collectables, jewellery, records, CDs and crafts. There are also numerous international cafes, restaurants and pubs filling the air with delicious smells to tempt you.

Camden Lock Market and the Stables Market are open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Tip: Avoid Sundays unless you enjoy extreme crowds.

For more information about the Markets visit their official website link below.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Address: 54-56 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF, UK

Phone: 020 3763 9900

Official Website: Camden Market

Camden Market Reviews

Rated 4.6 out of 5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating A shoppers and foodies paradise. Everything you could possibly think of can be found here. The most amazing street food from every corner of the world. The smells are amazing! In terms of shopping there are hundreds of shops all set around the historic yards near Camden Lock and the Regents Canal. Vintage clothes, jewellery, art and more than you could look at in 10 visits. It's a great experience. It's also possible to take a boat trip on the canal up to Little Venice which we did. I would advise going early as by the afternoon it was incredibly busy.
William Howe - a week ago

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5 Star Rating Incredible place! Lively and colorful, full of people and tourists, many shops selling everything (clothes, food, jewelry, souvenirs, second-hand objects and much more). People are kind and the vibe is so chill! Advice: eat street food, get lost in every little shop and enjoy a couple of hours here!
Sara Veronesi - in the last week

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4 Star Rating Camden Market, located in the heart of London, offers a vibrantly eclectic experience, rich with the scent of global cuisines, the buzz of people, and a visual feast of punk-inspired fashion and quirky stalls. My friend and I delved into this bustling marketplace, finding ourselves enthralled by the diversity and sheer energy that Camden exudes. The market is a paradise for those intrigued by alternative styles, featuring an array of shops selling wild hairstyles, unique tattoos, and punk clothing that mirror the area's historic connection to London's music scene. It's a place where creativity and self-expression are not just encouraged but celebrated. Among the culinary delights, Chin Chin Labs' ice cream stands out as a must-try, offering innovative flavors that are as surprising as they are delicious. This is complemented by the unique dining experience provided by the glass dome-shaped igloos near Camden Lock Bridge. These igloos, while offering an Instagram-worthy dining setting, can get busy, and during our visit, we noticed they could benefit from more frequent cleaning. However, this minor critique does not detract from the overall charm and excitement of dining in such a unique setting. Camden Market's vibe is heavily influenced by punk culture, a legacy that continues to shape its atmosphere. This is evident in the fashion choices of many young visitors, adding to the market's eclectic and inclusive nature. Despite the occasional oversight, such as the cleanliness of the igloo dining spaces, Camden Market remains a joyful, sensory overload. It's a place where food, fashion, and culture collide to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you're a local or a tourist, Camden Market demands a visit, promising an array of sights, sounds, and tastes that embody the vibrant spirit of London.
Akhilesh Dinesan - 3 weeks ago

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4 Star Rating Lots of different food and shop options. It was definitely very crowded on the weekend around lunch time - we had visited during the week at the same time and it was much easier to get around and see everything. The food is more reasonable them some of the costs of the different stores and shops. Great photo opportunities throughout. Definitely recommend swinging by the soho 'ice cream' spot here too. Awesome take on ice cream!
Jonah Graham - in the last week

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5 Star Rating One of the most affordable markets in London. Best place for souvenirs and many more gifts. It has a variety of shops for all kinds of audiences. Along with this it has mouth watering food joints and some well known food corners to satisfy your taste buds. On weekends, it's a jam packed Market with long queues outside shops and restaurants. This is a must visit place for shopping and eating whenever you are in London.
Aditya Balpande - in the last week

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Tube Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Northern LineCamden Town and Chalk Farm1-8 Minutes

How to get to Camden Market by Tube

Walking Distance from Tube Stations. No bus needed.

From Camden Town Station walk north on Camden High Street. The first market is Camden Market on the left side. Continue north and go left on Camden Lock Place for the Camden Lock Market and Stables Market.

Important: If departing on Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 5:30pm you will have to walk up to Chalk Farm Station to board the Tube. Camden Town Station only allows exiting during those times to help handle the large crowds that come on Sunday. Chalk Farm station is about a 10 minute walk northwest of the markets along Chalk Farm Road.

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