Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

The Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park features a line up of several plays during its 16 week summer opening

The Open Air Theatre st Regents Park in London
The Open Air Theatre st Regents Park in London cc licensed photo by aesop

The Open Air Theatre is a permanent venue completely surrounded by parkland. It is located inside Queen Mary's Gardens, part of the inner-circle of Regents Park.

The Open Air Theatre was opened in 1932 and recently rebuilt in 1999. The theatre is uncovered except for a multi-level auditorium which has a bar stretching it's entire length. The bar serves complete meals starting 1½ hours before performances and is open until midnight for refreshments.

Performances are held from late May until early in September. If bad weather forces a performance to not be completed, tickets can be exchanged for an upcoming performance.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: Yes

Address: The Regent's Park, Inner Cir, London NW1 4NU, UK

Phone: 0333 400 3562

Official Website: Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre Reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating What a fantastic night at the theatre! The facility is lovely, there are ample restrooms and food/drink options, and there really aren’t bad seats in the house! It was simply magical. I opted for the covered dining which is a great option as you get a starter and entree then at intermission you get dessert and coffee/tea. It was about 35£.
Benjamin Hammer - 9 months ago

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4 Star Rating This charitable theatre has been going for several years. I've lived in the area, since 1985. However, this is the first time that I have seen any performance at the Regents Park open air theatre. I booked an accessible ticket and companion/carer ticket. The price was reasonable, and the seat was just to the side of the front of the stage. So viewing was very clear. I was in row j seat 19 and 20. This was accessible from entry door number two, and completely flat. Tickets were delivered directly to your phone on the day. You can also pre-order drinks and food using a voucher system on same website. They send you an email just before the event, with all these details included. We ate before we went, but it was such a warm day today, that we did have drinks. It was definitely better to bring your own or pre-order. The cues to the bar were extremely long and could easily take up the full interval time. Accessible toilets were clean, easy to use, and very well maintained. What are the handle for the flush came off on the 2nd use. Speaking to a member of the team meant that it was repaired immediately. A retaining the screw was all that was needed. The performance was nothing like I had expected, or seen before. I've seen a few versions of 12th night. The main thing ran throughout, however there was comedy, drag & song and I think everybody had a good time. There are two performances on Thursday and Saturday. The afternoon performance Is at 2:00 p.m., and lasted for 2 hours and 45 minutes. With an interval midway through of 20 minutes. They ask you to turn off mobile phones, before it is starting to show, and you cannot take pictures during the performance. This is a hard and fast rule. Also, if you need to leave the auditorium for any reason, the guides will hold you back until a suitable place has been reached for you to get back in again. This is also a hard and fast rule. Although today, there were lots of people allowing to walk in front of me for what seemed like an age. It certainly spoilt somebody to show for me. 1 or 2 was fine, but I counted over 50 in a half hour period. Considering they made such a deal of telling you that you wouldn't be allowed entry If it would disturb people or the play, I thought this was unacceptably high. I also felt, that their justification for allowing it was that the seats affected were largely those of the disabled people, who got a better rate than the rest. I don't think that in itself is justification for allowing disturbances to a performance. Yes the price was reduced, but it was still a significant total. Someone who is on benefits, with not much income would welcome to reduce rate, until they were faced with the distances that we had. I have to say the booking staff were excellent. Hats off to George, he went out of his way on numerous occasions to make sure that this would be as pleasant and experience as possible. Once you're registered on the system, you can register for other performances, on the system and still get the discounted rates. Although when I tried for another performance in July, I was only offered the full rate. So I had to contact the box office for them to provide the tickets for me. Which was kind of counterproductive. The only other moan that I would have is that two ashes came into the auditorium during the interval to offer ice creams. Both of them placed themselves on a row which was not wheelchair accessible. It would have been better to place one on the road that was wheelchair accessible, and the other one on a different row, making it easier for the groups to split between the two and probably speeding up the delivery of the goods. The thing I noticed, was it different foods, and drinks, and cold foods, were sold in different queues. If you pre-ordered food, you were directed to the right queue. However, if you did not, you could find that you were in the wrong queue, and by the time you found out, it would be too late to queue on the right queue. Overall, I was very pleased with the performance, very pleased with the booking staff,
Mike Kelly - in the last week

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5 Star Rating A fantastic venue with seats offering a good vantage point to an expansive stage. La Cage aux Folles was my flamboyant chosen show, adapted from the 1978 original. Long bar and amenities too, catering to the interval rush of visitors. Lovely ambiance with the array of ash, cedars and birch trees. A real gem in an iconic spot.
Jo Webber - 8 months ago

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5 Star Rating La cage aux folles. Excellent production, great cast, set and costumes! Only 1 week left, a must see. This open air theatre is one of the best kept secrets in London. A must see!! Bravo to the cast 👏🏻
s Ullah - 8 months ago

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Tube Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Bakerloo, Circle, Hammersmith and City, Jubilee and Metropolitan linesBaker Street10 MInutes

How to get to Regent's Park Open Air Theatre by Tube

From Baker Street Station exit onto Baker Street and go to your right (north) until you can see Regent's Park ahead and to your right. Double back slightly to the pedestrian crossing and cross over to the park. Make your way to the foot bridge just inside the park, walk across and follow the path to your left on the other side keeping alongside the trees. When you get to the Inner Circle cross the road and continue along the path on far side. At the 'T' (just past the Park Cafe), go left and follow that path to the theatre entrance.

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