Promenade Plantee Walk

Enjoy some great views of Paris without worrying about traffic on the Promenade Plantee

Portion of the elevated walkway along the Promenade Plantee
Portion of the elevated walkway along the Promenade Plantee cc licensed photo by besopha

The Promenade Plantee also know as La Coulee Vert is a mostly elevated walkway that was created on the remains of the old Vincennes Railway line. This is a fairly unique concept, only recently being copied in New York City's High Line Park, and is a great reclamation of unused space. Much of the walkway is beautifully landscaped and can be compared to a garden path lined with beautiful plants and trees; only above the streets of Paris. You will enjoy some beautiful views of Paris from the unique perspective of the Promenade Plantee as you pass through gardens, between buildings, over bridges and through tunnels along this delightful walk.

This walking tour totals 4.8 kilometres in length which is about a one hour walk for the average person. We suggest you allow at least 1.5 hours so you can really enjoy the scenery and plantings along the walk. There are some other Metro stations along the route making it easy to do a shorter version of the walk if you wish.

For a map and step-by-step directions for this walking tour just click on the Map and Directions tab above.


Metro Line Nearest Station Walking Time
M1, M5 or M8Bastille‎ Station4 minutes

How to get to Promenade Plantee by Metro

Directions for the Promenade Plantee walking tour

By Metro or RER: Exit Metro Line 1,5 or 8 at Bastille Station onto Rue de Lyon and follow it south to where it forks at Avenue Daumensnil. Keep to the left side and double back up the stairs leading up onto the Promenade. The Promenade runs on top of the reddish brown brick viaduct with archways running along the left side of Avenue Daumensnil. The stairs are located right at the beginning of this viaduct.

  1. Make your way to Bastille Station via Metro M1, 5 or 8 and exit onto Rue de Lyon. Walk straight south from the exit to where the road divides at Avenue Daumensnil. Stay to the left watch for the stairs leading up to the Promenade which runs along the top of the reddish brick row of archways containing shops along the left hand side of Avenue Daumensnil.
  2. From here it is simply a case of following the promenade and enjoying a peaceful walk above the street and enjoying some nice views of Paris. After crossing a bridge above Jardin de Reuilly the walkway drops down to the street level and later even passes through some tunnels (see pictures tab).
  3. As you reach the end of the pathway follow it around to the right along the side the beltway onto Rue Edouard Lartet continuing to bear right where it becomes Rue du General Archinard. Next go left onto Avenue du General Messimy; continue on Avenue Armand Rousseau; go right on Place Edouard Renard and finally left on Blvd Poniatowski to the Metro entrance for Porte Dorée Station on the M8 Line. The M8 will take you back to Bastille station from where you began or you can make other connections to get to where ever you wish to go next.

We hope you enjoy this simple and relaxing, yet interesting stroll through the beautiful City of Paris on the Promenade Plantee.

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