Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is the world's largest train station and helped shape the history of New York and America

Taxi Cabs Lined up outside the iconic Grand Central Terminal in New York City
Taxi Cabs Lined up outside the iconic Grand Central Terminal in New York City cc licensed photo by Trodel

Over one hundred years old, Grand Central Terminal was instrumental in shaping the history of New York and America. Locally referred to as "Grand Central Station," the Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan is one of New York's busiest transportation hubs as well as a destination in itself complete with a wide range of shopping and dining choices. The Beaux-arts building built and operated by the New York Central Railroad is the largest train station in the world by a considerable margin.

Two levels of tracks offer passenger service for the Metro North Railroad with services to Westchester, Dutchess and Putnam in New York State and Fairfield and New Haven in Connecticut.

The century old Grand Central Terminal underwent a 12 year restoration to restore it to its former splendour from when it opened in 1913. The astrological ceiling mural in the Main Concourse was revealed after years of being obscured by residue. A small patch above the Michael Jordan Steakhouse was left untouched to demonstrate the extent of the environmental damage. Eagle eyed visitors will notice that the zodiac constellations appear in reverse; one explanation is that the artist based their rendering on a medieval interpretation of how the night sky would appear to God, while many others chalk it up to human error. The famous four-sided brass clock with its opal clock faces and many decadent gold chandeliers was also returned to its original luster.

One of Grand Central Terminals many oddities, the unofficial "whispering gallery" is located on the dining concourse near the Oyster Bar and Restaurant. The low dome ceilings create an acoustic anomaly; when two people stand opposite and whisper into the corner, you can hear them as if they are standing next to you making it a popular spot for uniquely New York marriage proposals.

Audio tours and walking tour brochures covering historically and architecturally significant features such as the Kissing Room, Grand Staircases, stain glass and wrought-iron installations as well as the Transportation sculpture are available from the Information Booth.

Nearby attractions: Chrysler Building and the New York Public Library

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Address: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: (212) 340-2583

Official Website: Grand Central Terminal


Rated 4.8 out of 5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating The Grand Central Terminal in New York is simply breathtaking. This iconic location is brimming with history and majestic architecture. My experience there was remarkable, highlighting the enormity of the space and the astonishing number of people who traverse its halls without compromising the cleanliness of the interior. Despite the bustling activity, the place remains surprisingly pristine. The expansiveness of the terminal is truly striking, providing a sense of grandeur that adds to its allure. It’s fascinating to observe the dynamic interaction among travelers and admire the magnificent infrastructure that has withstood the test of time. Regarding internal cleanliness, it’s commendable how the maintenance staff manages to preserve the tidiness, creating a pleasant environment for visitors. Although in the surrounding areas, the streets may lack the same immaculateness, the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal remains a magnet for tourists. Overall, visiting Grand Central Terminal is an experience I would recommend to anyone stepping into New York. Despite some imperfections in the exterior areas, the historical richness and stunning architecture make this site truly unforgettable. It’s worth exploring every corner of this iconic place during your visit to the Big Apple.🍎
Alejandra Garcia - 2 months ago

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5 Star Rating Grand Central Terminal in New York City is a historic transportation hub that captivates tourists with its grandeur and architectural splendor. As one of the world's largest train stations, it's more than just a transit point. Visitors can marvel at the celestial-themed main concourse with its iconic celestial mural on the ceiling. The famous four-faced brass clock is a popular meeting point. Tourists can explore the Vanderbilt Hall, often hosting art exhibitions, and the Whispering Gallery, known for its unique acoustic phenomena. The Oyster Bar & Restaurant provides a culinary experience within the terminal. Don't miss the architectural details, including the grand marble staircase and the majestic Beaux-Arts facade. Grand Central Terminal is not just a bustling transportation hub; it's a historic and architectural gem that offers a blend of functionality and beauty, making it a must-visit for tourists in New York City.
Sukkaj Noonvongsa - a month ago

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5 Star Rating We did an Untapped New York 'Secrets of Grand Central' tour here. The tour was about an hour and 45 minutes. It involves a fair amount of walking. It was also during the holiday rush so it was insanely busy. You get earpieces to hear your guide...only 'so so' comfortable. He had great historical photos though and I learned a great deal from the tour. A few of the stories could have been slightly condensed to make more time.
Ingrid Hill - a month ago

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5 Star Rating Arrivals and departures are always on time here for us. Getting in and out is also pretty easy. Low number tracks on the top floor and high numbered tracks on the bottom. Bottom floor also has all the food court. The food court can get out of control with people for sure but you can see my other reviews about the speed and efficiency of the vendors here. All solid work. We took some local trains to the north out of Manhattan, and had no trouble finding the train, and the conductor was very helpful with our questions about luggage It is stunningly beautiful in the atrium however, other than the cheap food I would not hang around here there’s a lot more to see outside the station.
Shawn Toole - a month ago

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5 Star Rating Possibly the most impressive building in Manhattan. Every turn reveals another incredible view or piece of architecture. It’s easily one of the most astonishing buildings I’ve ever visited and there’s also spots that you’ll have seen in an array of films.
Christopher Lewis - 2 months ago

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