Self Guided Walking Tours of NYC

Four self guided New York City walking tours

Quite often the best way to really see a city is by walking. You absorb so much more detail and flavour of an area than you would passing through it in a vehicle. Walking lets you see all the nooks and crannies and you are free to stop and explore and take pictures anywhere along the way.

For that reason we have put together four recommended neighborhood walking tours for you. Each tour is fully described on its own page which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding links below.

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour - 2.1 kms

Brooklyn Bridge stretching from Manhattan at duskBrooklyn Bridge Walking Tour A stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge is a great way to enjoy your visit to New York. Whether it be morning, afternoon or evening, you will be greeted with some spectactular views of the New York skyline, not to mention the Statue of Liberty. At the same time you will get an intimate look at the amazing design and architecture of the iconic New York Bridge. Total distance of 2.1 kms is one way including walking distance to and from nearest subway stations. The Bridge portion itself is about 1.8 kms. Allow about 45 minutes for one way at a leisurely pace.

cc licensed photo by Anthony Quintano

Architectural Highlights Walking Tour - 4.5 kms

Grand Central TerminalArchitectural Highlights Walk This walking tour exploring some of the finest NYC architecture will take you past some of the city's most renowned buildings and skyscrapers. You will also have the opportunity experience the incredible and ornate interiors of some of them. We suggest allowing up to 3 hours in order to give yourself ample time to stop and explore along the way.

cc licensed photo by Trodel

High Line Walking Tour - 3.8 kms

Enjoying a stroll through High Line Park in New York CityHigh Line Park Park Walking Tour This unique new park in New York provides an excellent place to experience the city on foot. You will walk high above the traffic on a splendidly rejuvenated former elevated rail bed from which you will enjoy some excellent views and experience a slice of New York's intriguing history. The tour is about 3.8 kms in length including walking to and from the nearest subway stations. We suggest allowing about 2 hours for a leisurely walk with lot's of opportunity for stops along the way.

cc licensed photo by David Berkowitz

Hudson River Park Walking Tour - 9 kms

View of Hudson River ParkHudson River Park Walking Tour There is nothing quite like a stroll along the waterfront and the Hudson River Park provides a fantastic space to do just that. This park which is reclaimed from the once very industrial waterfronts lands stretches for miles along the Hudson River on the western edge of Manhattan. You can walk just a portion or enjoy walking the entire length of this park. You will enjoy great views of the river and bridges along with ever changing perspectives of the New York Skyline. If you plan to walk the entire length you should allow at least 3 hours in order to have some time to stop and absorb the sights along the way.

cc licensed photo by shinya

Fully Guided Walking and Biking Tours

In addition to the self-guided walking tours above you may want to consider one or more of the following fully guided walking tours.

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