Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry is a favourite with visitors to New York and is always free

The Staten Island Ferry passing the Statute of Liberty
The Staten Island Ferry passing the Statute of Liberty cc licensed photo by Shaun Merritt

Providing a free 24 hour service between Staten Island and Manhattan for 21 million passengers annually, the Staten Island Ferry service operates between the Whitehall Terminal next to Battery Park in Manhattan and the St George Terminal in Staten Island. The trip takes about a half an hour each way.

The ferry ride is a favourite of tourists to New York as it provides excellent views of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Remember, it can be very windy on the water and even when seated in the interior cabin, it can be quite breezy, so dress accordingly and don't forget your camera.

When you are sailing to Staten Island you'll want to be on the right-hand side of the ferry in order to see the Statue of Liberty.

If you are travelling for leisure, avoid peak hours on weekdays as the service can be crowded. Coast Guard regulations specify that all passengers must disembark at each terminal, so when you re-board be sure to sit on the other side of the vessel to take in both views. If you are fast your may be able to re-board the same ferry, otherwise you'll have a 30 minute wait. Of course you may want to take even longer and use this opportunity to do some exploring of the picturesque Staten Island.

When your ferry is pulling into Manhattan, be sure to walk up to the front of the boat for some pictures; it is a view not to be missed.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Hours: Mon-Sun Sailings around the clock

Address: 4 South Street, New York, NY

Phone: 718-876-2657

Website: Staten Island Ferry


Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
1South Ferry1 Minute
RWhitehall Street3 minutes
4 or 5Bowling Green5 minutes

How to get to Staten Island Ferry by Subway

From South Ferry or Whitehall Street just take the Whitehall Terminal / Staten Island Ferry Exit. From Bowling Green walk south on Slate Street to the Terminal.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5St. George Ferry Terminal Star Rating

4 Star Rating Pleasant ride with great views and history The ride to Staten Island was truly pleasant despite being very crowded. You get to see New York from afar as well as the Statue of Liberty. Don't count on being able to hear the guide though coz the volume is too low and people are too boisterous. Date of experience: September 2016

Maryam Fahd - 5 days ago

5 Star Rating If you are thinking about taking the Staten Island ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island: Read This Review. 1. Yes, the Staten Island ferry is free. (However, if you wanted to travel out into Staten Island you will need a metro-card. Each metro-card use is $2.75. So make sure to get one that has enough for you to get around. I suggest about $10 or $15 to be safe). 2. The ferry ride is about 25 minutes long and it leaves every thirty minutes on the dot. So, if its one minute past the 30 minute mark, save the running because they will not hold the door for anyone after the 29 minute mark. 3. While you wait for the ferry to arrive there are plenty of places to get yummy food, including a Apple farm company that comes by every Tuesday and Friday with homemade apple filled foods that range from Apple cider to even Apple donuts. (Yummy food places include: Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's, Auntie Anne's, Subway, Nathan's, and a few mini deli like areas with snacks and drinks). 4. When the ferry starts letting people on, it's going to be chaotic. So be prepared for some pushing and grunting, just be mindful that a lot of people take the ferry to go home from work. We aren't rude, we're just tired! 5. If you are only on the ferry to see a view of Statue of Liberty here are some tips: -If you are coming from Manhattan(sit on the right side of the ferry). -If you are going back to Staten Island(sit on the left side). This is only if you want to see the Statue of Liberty, otherwise you can sit wherever you want. 6. If you plan to take a ferry back to Manhattan after your first ride you will be directed by staff and crowd flow towards the St. George ferry terminal to get the next ferry back to Manhattan. 7. If you wanted to take a bus from the Ferry terminal you would need to have a metro-card and knowledge of which bus to take. All buses that go to this terminal go in bus lanes that are labeled "A, B, C, and D". Depending on what area of Staten Island the bus is going is what letter they are labeled as. Like if you wanted to visit the Staten Island Mall you could take the s61 that would be in bus lane "A". 8. If you are taking the Staten Island train, you will also need a metro-card to ride. 9. If your train stop is before "Great Kills" make sure that you are on a local train. Before you go through the doors that go to the train, make sure that it says either, "Local train to Great Kills" or "Local train to Tottenville" on it. -If your train stop is after "Great Kills", you can either take the local train which runs normally or when rush hour hits you can take the express train to Tottenville and it skips every stop before Great Kills. I hope this helps!

SunflowerDarling - 13 days ago

4 Star Rating Awesome free ferry service! Great way to view the Statue of liberty.

Glenn Lee - 1 month ago

4 Star Rating It is a nice place. There are some stores and restaurants where you can eat, drink or buy snacks. Most of them are good and the prices are ok.The view there is wonderful especially when you are inside the ferry as you can see the statue of liberty and enjoy the good view. It is always a crowded place because you will go to Manhattan without paying any money as it is free and at the same time you will enjoy it.

N n - 3 months ago

5 Star Rating If you took the Ferry to see the sight of the Statue of Liberty, you’re going to end up spending a half hour here because you probably won’t be able to take the very next boat back to Manhattan. The good news is there are some shops in here for you to grab something to eat. The St. George Terminal is as new as the Whitehall Terminal and the style is very similar.

Edward Delfino - 5 months ago


This video takes you through the entire Staten Island Ferry ride from the subway station to Staten Island and back

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