Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, a longtime symbol of freedom and democracy, is one of New York's most recognized landmarks

Statue of Liberty up close
Statue of Liberty up close cc licensed photo by sboneham

Located in the New York Harbour, the Statue of Liberty was an international gift of friendship from the people of France and has become an icon of freedom, democracy and the United States.

Designed by Frédéric Barthold, Lady Liberty's robe is representative of the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas, bears a torch symbolising America's pursuit of enlightenment and clutches a tablet bearing the date of America's independence in Roman numerals. Standing 152 feet tall and raised on a 150 foot pedestal, the hand-hammered copper skin and steel support skeleton were shipped from France in 350 pieces, the Statue of Liberty took four months to assemble and was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

Access to the Statue of Liberty is limited to ferries through Statue Cruises departing from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. While many other operations offer sightseeing tours that include the Statue of Liberty, Statue Cruises is the only service offering access to Liberty Island. Free tours are lead by rangers around Liberty Island with no reservations required. Access to any level of the Statue of Liberty requires advance reservation made through Statue Cruises.

The Statue of Liberty's 11 point star-shaped platform is a granite fortification known Fort Wood was a little used military installation until it was taken over by the National Park Service in 1944. The Statue of Liberty's pedestal designed by Richard Morris Hunt faces the southeast to greet ships entering New York Harbor. Inside the lobby, an exhibit of the original torch, observation decks and an interpretive historic exhibit, including life sized replicas of the monument's face and foot. Reservations for access to this area should be made at least a fortnight in advance to avoid disappointment.

Access to the Crown was made available on July 4, 2009, following a closure in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks. Visitors can climb the 354 stairs to the Statue of Liberty's crown of seven spikes, representing the seven continents and oceans in the world. Reservations should be made months in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Address: New York, NY 10004, USA

Phone: (212) 363-3200

Official Website: Statue of Liberty

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Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
1South Ferry4 minutes
N or RWhitehall Street5 minutes
4 or 5Bowling Green5 minutes

How to get to Statue of Liberty by Subway

Take the 1 train to South Ferry, turn left into Battery Park or take the N or R train to Whitehall Street, head north toward Pearl Street, turn left on Bridge Street, follow path into park or take the 4 or 5 train to Bowling Green, head south on Broadway, turn right on Battery Place, turn left on Greenwich Street and continue into park.

Look for the Statue Cruise Ticket Office is located inside the Castle Clinton National Monument in Battery Park purchase the Liberty Island ticket.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5Statue of Liberty National Monument Star Rating

5 Star Rating Always wanted to be here. And so it happened. I can not say that I have never been here before.🛥 I visited this place. Just the island did not have to go. It was necessary to book in advance. Our trips were spontaneous. Therefore, not booked for earlier. That also happens. Always just sailed past, but this time landed on the island. Good experience. Walked around the island, looked at the museum, climbed the steep stairs in the statue. Bought souvenirs. This is cool! I advise everyone. Everyone managed to see what they wanted.

Tina Megan - 2 days ago

5 Star Rating A recent trip to the SOL was made even better by a trip up to the crown. A beautiful place and view that everyone should experience at least once. Excellent facilities and staff. If you’re able to climb the stairs the spectacular view at the top is worth every step. A true slice of American history.

Andrew Cohen - 3 days ago

5 Star Rating Such an iconic landmark that just cannot be missed. Walking around outside the statute is a great experience but if you can, book to go inside. It will give you a whole new appreciation for this iconic place. The ferry to the island can be a little difficult with the huge lines but there are plenty of ferries and they leave very regularly

Liam McDonogh - 7 days ago

5 Star Rating Went for the 1st time with my family. We were on a school trip from Los Angeles. My twins played in Carnegie Hall. We visited the Rockefeller building and got the view from the top. We then went to visit lady Liberty. Be sure to book your visit way in advance if you plan on going to the top of the torch. There's a big wait and we only made it to her feet. I love history and learning about lady Liberty 🗽 was awesome. The fairy ride to lady liberty was fun and their food court is not that bad. We passed by Ellis Island on the way back, and definitely plan on going there when we go back. Time square was beautiful and I love how face paced New York is. FYI... No one follows the cross walk signs. They cross on red all the time and I seen at least 20 people almost get hit by cars. No one cares. You get bumped in the arms all the time by pedestrians and no one says excuse me. New York is a wonderful city and it be even better if liberal idiots didn't run it. We'll be back to visit again and to walk around the city.

adrian mac - 9 days ago

5 Star Rating Although I have looked at Lady Liberty from a distance many times, Finally I decided to hop on a ferry and spend some time at looking at lady liberty close up. You can purchase tickets online and obviously they have different tour levels, purchasing online will save you a lot of time and purchasing the reserve ticket will also get you in the priority boarding queue. I purchased them right from my phone once I saw the line to purchase tickets.  The line waiting for an empty ferry is actually quite long on a daily basis, they do have more than one ferry transporting back and forth which makes the line move a little faster. There is only so much room on the ferry and on a hot day, the wait can be miserable in the sun so be sure to squeeze into the crowd when boarding the boat to ensure you're part of the cut off, having to wait for the next ferry.  The ferry ride is relaxing and on a hot day can help to cool you off. Looking at lady upon approach to the island liberty closeup is something quite spectacular and considering the difficulty they faced in getting the foundation of the statute initially built, its even more amazing closeup.  The tour will also take you to Ellis Island which is well worth the time and extremely informational. The old hospital on the island is also really cool to see and they do have a tour which would allow you to see parts of the old hospital which I at some point will have to do. I thoroughly enjoy spending time on Ellis island not just for the history lesson and opportunity to get a close up of the awesome architecture but also just sit back and look across the water at the magnificent skyline.  This is a good relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Cheers!

High Pixels - 14 days ago


This History Channel video is loaded with interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty

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