The Vessel

The Vessel int Hudson Yards in NYC's newest landmark and attraction

The Vessel and Public Square
The Vessel and Public Square Photo Credit: Hudson Yards

It is not the view from the top, but rather the unique design of this 150-foot tall monument of stairs that makes it worth visiting. The Vessel, NYC's newest attraction/landmark is worth visiting if you are interested in unique architecture and design.

Entry is free, but you still need a ticket. If you arrive early morning you can usually grab a ticket for a time slot within the hour. Later in the day you may have to wait much longer for a time slot. Of course, you can still check it out from the outside. If you want more flexibility you can order a Flex Pass for $10.00 that permits entry at anytime on the day you choose. This can be ordered on the official Hudson Yards website linked to above.

So what is there to do here other than climbing the 2500 steps, or getting some great pictures for your instagram feed? Not so much to be honest, but again it is free and there is a view of the Hudson Yards from the top. The downward view of the inside is probably more interesting though. If you are looking for city views there are much better options available, both free and paid.

Both a ramp and an elevator to the top do make the vessel fully accessible, but for those who are able, it really is designed to be climbed.

Opinions about the vessel vary widely. People love it, hate it, or anywhere in between. Some compare it to the beloved Eiffel Tower in Paris, noteing that people where very critical of it at first too, but honestly, comparing this to the Eiffel Tower is like comparing fast food to fine dining. Having said that, the overall reviews are positive. It certainly is an interesting subject for photographs.

Some wonder about the reasoning behind this attraction. From a commercial perspective, it was probably intended to draw people to the upscale shopping centre, luxury real estate, and The Shed Performing Arts Theatre that are part of the same development.

We don't suggest putting the Vessel on your must see list, but if you have the time, or happen to stumble across it, you may want to take a look.

Questions and Answers about the Vessel

When did the Vessel open? The Vessel opened on March 15, 2019.

How high is the Vessel? The Vessel is 150 feet high.

How wide is the Vessel? The Vessel is 50 feet wide at the base and 150 feet wide at the top making the top as wide as it is tall.

How many flights of stairs are in the Vessel? The Vessel has 154 flights of stairs and nearly 2500 steps.

Who designed the Vessel? The Vessel was designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

Facts For Your Visit

Official Website: The Vessel

Fee: No

Address: 20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA

Phone: (332) 204-8500

Official Website: The Vessel


Rated 4.6 out of 5Vessel Star Rating

5 Star Rating This is definitely a go-to place if you are visiting NY! It's an extraordinary architecture. I loved being there. The atmosphere was wonderful. There was music, people enjoying their afternoon. A wonderful sight in this busy city.

Sadia Chowdhury - 2 months ago

5 Star Rating Last Thursday was my 1st time down at Hudson Yards and seeing The Vessel. I live way uptown and haven't been traveling that far for a long time for many reasons. My mouth fell open when I saw it. At night the building was lit in a way that was just stunning! I'm not sure if you can enter during the day anymore.

Dona Elena Hatcher - 1 month ago

4 Star Rating Looks interesting, but unfortunately they had the upper levels closed and you could only go into the base. They have free concerts in the summer in the plaza by the vessel and there is some nice shaded seating around the perimeter too. Close to the highline and shopping and restaurants in the Hudson Yards and Edge observation deck.

Brian Mueller - 3 months ago

5 Star Rating The Vessel is indeed worth the visit! I recommend you to walk the high line from the start nearest to Little Island and make your way to the Vessel, it's seems somewhat rewarding when u make it there! In terms of transportation, the Hudson Yards Station is a stone throw away so no worries there. Additionally, when I visited in July 2023 persons were not allowed to make their way up.

Akiyl 747 - 3 months ago

5 Star Rating Even though the attraction is currently closed me and my Son certainly still enjoyed our visit. The Hudson Yards certainly is unique and so diverse, the Vessel certainly stood out for me. Maybe next time, I’ll get to see her close up and see the views of the river she has to offer. Thanks for having us

James Cairns - 3 months ago

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Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
734th Street / Hudson Yards3 minutes
A, C, E34th Street / Penn Station10 minutes

How to get to The Vessel by Subway

Take the 7 train to Hudson Yards Exit and turn right onto Hudson Blvd. The Vessel is straight ahead and can't be missed. Alternatively take the A, C, or E Train to 34th Street / Penn Station, Exit onto w 34th St. and walk west to Hudson Blvd and go left to the Vessel which is straight ahead.

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Photo Gallery


This 4K Video takes you on a full walking tour of the Vessel in NYC
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