Times Square

Times Square is is a mecca for entertainment, dining, and shopping

New York's Iconic Times Square at the break of dawn
New York's Iconic Times Square at the break of dawn cc licensed photo by Jorge Láscar

With its electrified atmosphere and lighting and bustling activities, Times Square, located along both Broadway and 7th Avenue between 42nd Street and 47th Street, is an epitome for New York. Famous for the annual dropping of the ball from the New York Times building to celebrate the New Years, Times Square is a major gathering place in New York for tourists and locals alike.

Formerly called Longacre Square, Times Square adopted its current name in 1904 when the New York Times headquarters building was opened there. Now restricted to pedestrians only along Broadway, it is even more people friendly. From dusk to dawn it is noted for its brilliant neon signs and lighting, setting the standard for 'bright lights - big city'. According to some sources, Times Square is the most visited tourist attraction in the world!

One of the mainstays of Times Square is the theatre district. With 40 Broadway Theatres in the area hosting productions every evening from Tuesday through Saturday, it keeps the area busy. In addition to the many theatres you will find great places to eat and shop while you get immersed in the sights, sounds and culture of this vibrant area. Any trip to New York would be incomplete without a visit.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Address: Manhattan, NY 10036, USA

Official Website: Times Square


Rated 4.7 out of 5Times Square Star Rating

5 Star Rating Times Square is a vibrant and iconic hub in the heart of New York City. Known for its dazzling lights, towering billboards, and bustling atmosphere, it epitomizes the energy of the city that never sleeps. The area is a major entertainment and commercial center, offering a plethora of theaters, shops, and restaurants. While its lively ambiance is a magnet for tourists, some may find it overwhelmingly crowded. Despite this, the sheer spectacle of Times Square, especially at night, creates a memorable and quintessential New York experience.
Abraao Mattos - 17 days ago

5 Star Rating It's one of the most happening places in New York City. No matter it rains or shines you'll have a memorable experience visiting this spot. A must visit spot for all visitors of New York, it's well connected by the subway and other public transit like bus and cabs. Getting a parking spot is tricky so commuting on public transport is better.
Kanchan Kumar - 2 months ago

5 Star Rating Times Square is an absolute spectacle, pulsating with energy and life. The towering billboards, the sea of people, and the vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit destination in the heart of New York City. Whether day or night, Times Square never fails to captivate with its dazzling lights and iconic surroundings. From world-class theaters to diverse eateries, there's something for everyone. The sheer diversity of cultures converging in this iconic square creates an unparalleled experience. While it can get crowded, the buzz and excitement are an integral part of the charm. A visit to Times Square is not just a stop, but a journey into the vibrant soul of the city that never sleeps.
Savio Barreto - 9 days ago

4 Star Rating Iconic spot of New York City, plethora of people and characters. Still the quality of the square’s design and architecture is missing compared to European squares. Full of hustle and bustle 👯you should be careful not to get hit by a car around.
Tolga - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating What an amazing place to be! Shops everywhere and very bright billboards! Loads of food stalls and restaurants! Please do be aware when it is busy, you must keep everything on your person's safe! People wearing costumes distract you whilst others with them try to Pickpocket you!
james moles - 29 days ago

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Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
1, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, or RTimes Square / 42 Street0 minutes
B, D, F, or M42 Street / Bryant Park3 minutes
A, C or E42 Street / Port Authority Bus Terminal3 minutes

How to get to Times Square by Subway

Take the 1, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, or R train to Times Square / 42 Street Station or take the B, D, F, or M train to 42 Street / Bryant Park and walk west on 42 street to Broadway or take the A, C, or E Train to 42 Street / Port Authority Bus Terminal and walk east to Broadway.

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Sights and Sounds of Times Square on a warm summer day
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