North Babelsberg Walking Tour

Aerial View of North Babelsberg
Aerial View of North Babelsberg

Our 7 kilometre self-guided walking tour of North Babelsberg will take you to some historic monuments in Babelsberg Park including Babelsberg Castle (Schloss Babelsburg). Walking time is about 1.5 hours without stops. Allow at least 2 to 3 hours for a leisurely experience and time to enjoy the monuments and views. The tour starts and ends at Babelsberg S-Bahn station.

The following steps will take you through the walk. There are multiple routes you can take through Babelsberg Park, so don't feel confined to the one we've mapped. You may prefer to add a few steps to walk closer to the water as you make your way north through the park.

If you love walking and have enough time, you can extend this walking tour by crossing over the bridge at the north end of the park, continuing to Glienicke Palace and walking across the famous Glienicke Bridge before doubling back. This adds about 3 kilometres or about 40 minutes of walking time to the tour. It is straightforward, so we highly recommend it if you have enough time.


How to get to North Babelsberg Walking Tour by S-Bahn

Nearest S-Bahn Line(s): S7
Nearest S-Bahn Station(s): Babelsberg

This North Babelsberg walking tour takes you through one of the most beautiful locations in the region. The self-guided walking tour begins and ends at Babelsberg S-Bahn station.

Directions for the North Babelsberg Walking Tour

  1. Head west from Babelsberg Station on Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße
  2. Turn right onto Alt Nowawes
  3. Turn left onto Neue Str.
  4. Continue onto Park Babelsberg
  5. Turn right to stay on Park Babelsberg
  6. Head north as desired through Park Babelsberg to Flatow Tower
  7. Continue north to Gerichtslaube im Park Babelsberg
  8. Continue north as desired to Schlosss Babelsberg
  9. Follow the water east to Parkbrücke
  10. Continue east toward Allee nach Glienicke
  11. Turn right onto Allee nach Glienicke and watch for Pförtnerhaus on your right.
  12. Turn left onto Karl-Marx-Straße
  13. Turn right onto Spitzweggasse and Take the stairs
  14. Watch for Riehl House (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) on your left.
  15. Turn right onto Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße
  16. Continue onto An der Sternwarte
  17. Turn Left onto Allee nach Glienicke
  18. Slight left onto Karl-Liebknecht-Straße
  19. Check some of the shops and get something to eat at one of the cafes on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße.
  20. Turn left onto Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße to the Bebelsberg Station.
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